Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Wonder of Fragments according to Jayne Design Studio

Interior of 58 Boulevard Flandrin, Paris, 1906. The Thomas J. Watson Library. Presented by J. Pierpoint Morgan.

Since ancient times, students of design have studied bits and pieces of antique sculpture and architecture and have considered how these fragments can inform our knowledge of the past and further contemporary design.

"For myself, as a decorator, they offer clues of what a whole building or sculpture or decorative object might have looked like and how it was crafted. More importantly, by their incremental nature, they are abstract elements of design that can be interpolated into new creations. To borrow a term from today’s music, they can be “sampled” into a larger design."  Designer and scholar, Thomas Jayne

Allyson K Designs: Advice to go eclectic and express yourself

Friday, December 28, 2012

English Country Appeal

While this photo is actually an add for in the U.K., it evokes the elements of this style: comfortable seating and the presence of dogs.

The Mirrored Wall

"Mirrored walls aren't for every room certainly, but I love them in living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms, and, yes, even in bedrooms (a category not mentioned above, since we are a PG-13 site). Check out the mirrored paneling pictured above as well ... it's a great way to get the trend without having to mirror an entire wall. Oh, and I think the way this trend works best is by covering the mirrored wall with art and even other mirrors to break up the space a bit." Alex Brunkhorst of Bungalux Blog

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Classic nursery style

Has anyone noticed what Restoration Hardware (RH) has done for the nursery?? Maybe I could fit into this crib? The baby can have my bed!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pseudo caricature

I can't help myself!! More "memorable" quotes from Million Dollar Decorators coming up. Mary McDonald is having a pseudo caricature done for her soon-to-be-published book and says, “I want the smallest waist in the universe," and "I want a light case of anorexia.”